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The Writers Circle, in-person classes in Northern NJ. Summer 2017 registration open.

The Writers Circle - In-person classes in Northern NJ

I am delighted to teach with The Writers Circle, which offers in-person classes in five NJ locations (Summit, Montclair, Maplewood, South Orange, Morristown). 

Registration for my 4-week mini-session classes in Summer 2017 is now open:

Submission Strategies (Montclair location - 4 weeks)
Learn how to develop a thriving practice of submitting work to mainstream media and literary venues, print and online. This workshop will demystify the submission process and break it down into sensible steps and smart strategy. We'll discuss how to use resources to choose target venues, decide when and what to send out, track results, understand submission guidelines, use online submissions management systems, interpret rejections, and more. Though mostly intended for those submitting short pieces, we will also address submissions to agents and independent book publishers (who work with unagented work). Writers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry are welcome. By the end of the four weeks, you'll have a plan and will make a few submissions. Four Thursday evenings in Montclair, 7/6 - 7/27; 7:30 - 9:00 pm. Details here (scroll to bottom of right column).

Adult Writers Circle Workshop (Summit location - 4 weeks)
A supportive environment where writers working in any genre or form work freely on various forms and genres, exploring projects developed on their own. Craft issues like structure, point-of-view, character development, pace, and style are addressed, as is the ever-changing publishing marketplace. With great respect for each writer, our workshops take on a life of their own as writers learn to trust each other for ongoing peer critique and inspiration as they move toward completion of work and eventual publication. Four Monday mornings in Summit, 7/10 - 7/31, 10am - 12noon. Details here (top of middle column).

Creative Nonfiction Mini-Me! (Montclair location - 4 weeks)

It's a small world…of creative nonfiction. Small word counts are growing in popularity across literary and mainstream publishing venues. Explore writing mini forms of CNF—from 500 word flash essays, to six word memoirs, to CNF Tweets!—that focus on real events, culled from your personal past to the world at large. Four Wednesday mornings, 10 - 11:30 am; 7/5-7/26. Details here (top of right column).

Be sure to visit The Writers Circle site to see the full schedule of classes and workshops--weekdays, evenings, and weekends--for adults, teens, and children in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, novel writing, screenwriting, young adult fiction, memoir, book proposals, comic/graphic novels, writing fundamentals, the short story, and more. Also, check out the on-going Speakers Series. If you want to try out a class as a drop-in, click here, scroll down to "Trial Classes". 

If you're interested in a different kind of writing help, try my Editorial Services page, or email me.